Fourteen students of the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) performed an audio drama entitled ‘The Husband’ through a video uploaded on YouTube. The performance was initiated by Yohanes Padmo Adi Nugroho, M.Hum., a lecturer of Study Program of Japanese Literature.

Padmo is one of the several lecturers who had just finished an online basic training for the new lecturers. After completing the training, he was tasked to perform an actualization in the institution where he teaches. He decided to invite some students to create a drama performance which he named ‘Midori No Kata Project’ which means ‘The Green Sword Project’.

Padmo said that he did not have any specific criteria when recruiting the students. “There are no specific criteria. Midori No Kata Project is created to help students who are stuck at home because of the pandemic, so the only criteria are a student who is willing to do some online activities,” he said.

Padmo began at the beginning of July to gather those fourteen students. He then equipped the students with all the necessary knowledge by conducting an online theater workshop proceeded by a basic actor training. After equipping the students with the basic knowledge, Padmo and the students trained intensively for two weeks.  During those two weeks, they held online meetings through Google Meet every afternoon and evening to do practice, theater rehearsal, as well as script reading, before finally recording the performance without any cut.

During the preparation stage, Padmo admitted that he found some technical difficulties especially related to the internet connection. At first, he planned to do the online performance live through streaming, but because of all the technical problems, he and the students decided to just record the performance and upload it on YouTube.

Through this audio drama, Padmo wanted to show that even in the middle of a pandemic we can still create something new or find something regular and turns it into something new with the technology that we have, just like how he and his students performed an audio drama online which is uncommon in a normal situation.

He also admitted that through the project, he realized that FCS students have great potentials in performing arts. “It is a misfortune if the potentials dimmed because of the pandemic,” he said. The audio drama ‘The Husband’ can be accessed on YouTube through the link [AVR/DTS/MSH/PR FCS]

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