Diah Titisari, S.S., a Staff of the Public Relations and Publications of the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) has passed the Public Relations Certification by BNSP (National Professional Certification Foundation). She was declared competent for the qualification of the Supervisor Associates Public Relations scheme.

Diah Titisari, as the only representative from the FCS UB, participated in this certification together with nine PR staffs in UB. There are only two people who passed the Supervisor Associates Public Relations scheme. Meanwhile, eight others were competent in different schemes.

This certification was carried out online by complying with health protocols (10/27-11/2/2020). The series of activities are fulfilling 11 competency units; attending the workshop; following the examination that include interviews, practice, and case studies; as well as filing after the test.

She carried out the exam directly assessed by the Director of LSPPRI (Indonesian Public Relations Professional Certification Foundation), Muslim Basya, MBA. The announcement of the results received on Wednesday (12/30/2020).

“I did not expect to pass this certification because of the short preparation and quite a challenging exam. However, this is a good year-end gift to start 2021 by becoming a better public relation of FCS UB,” she said. [DTS/MSH/PR FCS]