The Signing of Cooperation by the Dean of FCS UB, Hamamah, Ph.D., and Hitoshi Ogura, Director of IC-Tech Japan


Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS), Universitas Brawijaya (UB) officially signed a cooperation agreement with IC-TECH Japan at the opening of ISCS II on Wednesday (11/9/2022). The signing was carried out directly by Hamamah, Ph.D., the Dean of FCS UB, and Hitoshi Ogura, the Director of IC-Tech Japan.

The leaders of the IC-Tech Malang branch, who are alumni of FCS UB, were also present to accompany Hitoshi Ogura who had just arrived on Monday (11/7/2022). The form of cooperation carried out is an internship programme.

 “It provides an opportunity for students of the Study Programme of Japanese Literature and the Study Programme of Japanese Language Education to get internships at companies in Japan. He is here to sign, as well as socialize, and interview students who will depart next year,” said Ni Made Savitri Paramita, M.A., the Secretary of the International Relations Office (IRO) FCS UB.

Handover of Cooperation Agreement between FCS UB and IC-Tech Japan


The target of this programme is students, especially those currently studying in their third year. The students who are interested in participating in this internship programme are quite a lot, which is around fifty students.

“On Friday (11/11/2022), there will be an interview. We are looking for three people for the first period,” Made explained.

As for the accommodation of interns, such as tickets and housing, the company will pay for it, while students only need to prepare a visa and passport. The internship period lasts for one full semester, which is about four months.

The Dean and Leaders of FCS UB together with the Director of IC-Tech Japan Inaugurated the Collaboration

Made explained that IC-Tech needed personnel to translate, manage documents, organize data, and so on. In addition, this activity also aims to apply the MBKM in activities outside the campus, but still under the corridors and learning outcomes expected by the Study Programme, considering that this activity will certainly get recognition of course conversion based on the list of work carried out and the logbook filled in during the internship process take place.

“We also chose the internship programme that was offered. This is our first collaboration. We hope to work well together,” said Made.

Cooperation points are specified in the internship programme which will be carried out in the upcoming semester. However, the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs expressed his hope that the cooperation can continue to be developed in a further direction considering the period of the cooperation period which is not only one semester, but can last for the next several years. [dts/aaz/PR FCS]