Experiencing study in Australia is one of the dreams of M. Zaqrulla Pasya, a student of the 2019 batch of the Study Programme of English Literature, Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS), Universitas Brawijaya (UB). Pasya is one of the participants in the 2022 IISMA (International Indonesian Student Mobility Award) Programme. During the last semester, Pasya had the opportunity to undergo lecture activities at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. To be precise, mid to late 2022.

While in Australia, Pasya took courses in communication, management, and psychology.

 “The reason for choosing these courses is because those three are the closest to my major, that is English Literature. Apart from that, I also took psychology because I have always been interested in learning about psychology,” he said.

Pasya admitted that he gained a lot of valuable experience while participating in the programme. One of the interesting experiences Pasha had was meeting Lecturers at the University of Queensland who was very helpful and insightful.

“The difference between studying at the University of Queensland and FCS UB is quite big. Here one course is divided into two types of classes such as seminars and tutorials. The seminar class focuses more on theory, and the number of class members is relatively larger. Meanwhile, the tutorial class is more focused on the project, and the class is smaller than the seminar class. Both are also taught by different lecturers,” he explained.

“Hopefully, more FCS UB students will be able to participate and be accepted as IISMA awardees. This programme is very important, especially for those who want to continue their studies abroad after graduation. Don’t waste the opportunity joining this programme,” he said. [jc/dts/vidya/PR FCS]