SATRANI (Sayembara Sastra dan Seni) is an alternative way held by Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY) for students to express their self-potentials and self-development in literature and art field. SATRANI 2022 is held in hope of students’ creativity development on Indonesian cultures during the never-ending pandemic.

SATRANI 2022 was held online utilizing participants submitting their work within the due date. 15 categories were competed in SATRANI, including pop singing, dangdut, keroncong, seriosa, vocal group, dance group, painting, photography, poster design, comic strip, short story writing, playwriting, poetry writing, poetry reading, and monologue. Participants may get 1st champion, 2nd champion, 3rd champion, 1st contender, and 2nd contender.

 The SATRANI award ceremony was held via the Zoom Meeting platform on Saturday (6/4/2022). In this national-level competition, four students of the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) received the 2022 SATRANI award.

They are (1) Elvin Nuril Firdaus from the Study Programme of Indonesian Language and Literature Education (SPILLE) class of 2019, who won 1st place in the poetry writing contest, and (2) Moch. Fajar Izzul Haq from the SPILLE class of 2020, managed to get 3rd place in the photography category, (3) Danastri Olivia Qisthy from the SPILLE class of 2021, won 1st contender in the short story writing competition, and (4) Putri Savitri from the SPILLE class of 2020, managed to get 1st contender in the monologue competition. [kkn/dts/msh/PR FCS]