In the Freshmen SCP (Student Creativity Program) Rector Cup 2021 which was held on Saturday-Sunday (2/6-7/2021), the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) won 1 gold medal and 1 bronze medal.

The gold medal was obtained in the SCP-SHR (Social Humanities Research) by Muhammad Syalieq S., as chairman, Shafwan Mahdy Lubis, Riki Ari Pradana, and Maulidiya Alvin Alviona. This group was guided by Nindyo Budi Kumoro, M.A., a lecturer in the Study Program of Anthropology, FCS UB.

While the bronze medal was won in the SCP-CS (Community Service) by Nanda Rizki Maulana, as chairman, Nur Alfiyyah Farhannah, Stefani Jesica Atila Nugroho, and Vita Lutfiah. Fariska Pujiyanti, M.Hum., a lecturer of the Study Program of English Literature, was the supervisor for this group.

Djoema Ali, S.E, as the Sub-Division Coordinator for Academic, Student Affairs, and Alumni of FCS UB, said that the representatives who get the medals will become representatives of FCS UB in the PIMNAS 2021 without any selection anymore.

“From this SCP, they will immediately pass to PIMNAS without selection,” he said.

Djoema Ali also hopes that in the future there will be more freshmen to represent FCS UB in the PIMNAS event.

“More and more freshmen are selected for the preparation of PIMNAS, hopefully, they are qualified to get medals,” said Djoema Ali. [DP/DTS/MSH/PR FCS]