FCS Team Captain, Djoema Ali, Receives 1st Place Trophy for Lustrum XII UB Football

Lustrum XII Football Final match Universitas Brawijaya (UB) brought the defending champion, Faculty of Law (FH) against the underdog team, Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS). The competition consisted of lecturers and academic staff as participants. It was held on Tuesday (11/15/2022) in the UB field, Dieng Campus.

Since the beginning of the match, attacks have occurred between the two teams. Several opportunities were born, but the goalkeepers of each side could still counter the attacks.

FCS changed the score to 1-0, starting from a free kick by Arief Fatkhurozi (a Lecturer of Japanese Literature), the ball went hard into the corner of the FH’s net.

FH launched counterattacks to catch the score, but it was constantly thwarted by FCS defenders, A. Syarifuddin Rohman (a Lecturer of Fine Arts) and Aji Prasetya (a Lecturer in Anthropology).

FCS finally doubled the score to 2-0, starting from a corner kick by Djoema Ali (the Head of Academic, Student Affairs, Alumni, Cooperation, and Entrepreneurship Subdivision) who also played the role of captain, then Ageng Priatmojo’s kick (Education Personnel/Staff) managed to penetrate FH’s net.

FCS Football Team and Supporters

This goal gave extra enthusiasm for FCS to maintain the situation and put pressure on FH even more by launching sporadic attacks which were countered by Mukhammad Farid (Staff) as FCS’s goalkeeper. Until the first half whistle blew, the score was still 2-0, and FCS was ahead of FH.

On the second round of competition, FH made substitutions, which increase FH’s attack power sharper. The FCS goalkeeper then struggled to save the FCS’ net from the barrage of attacks. The toughness of the FCS defense line was still very strong for the FH team to penetrate. FCS did not let the game down and still created some opportunities, but unfortunately, there were still many shots that were not on target from the crossbar.

Until the second half whistle blew, FCS was able to maintain a score of 2-0 and was entitled to win 1st place in the LUSTRUM XII UB football event 2022.

The other members of the FCS football team who took turns playing from the start of the match to the final round, included Dr. Sony Sukmawan (the Chair of the Department of Language Education), Dr. Sugeng Susilo Adi (a Lecturer of English Education), Syariful Muttaqin, Ph.D., and Muhammad Rozin, M.A. (Lecturers of English Literature), Wiranto Aji Dewandono, M.Pd. (a Lecturer of Japanese Language Education). The staff representatives were Dedy Kurniawan, Riszky Ala Saputra, and Moch. Kosyim, with M. Dhendik Fanani (Driver). Meanwhile, the cleaning staff was represented by Lucky Niza Oktopradana and Chairuly Triadmaka. [dp/dts/aaz/PR FCS]