FIB-UB Attained an Achievement at International Event

Muhammad Alfarizi (FIB), Dwi Uchtiyawati Rohma (FTP), Ajie Prabowo Wicaksono (FH), Wahyu Hadi Supriatmanto (Filkom), Dinda Julesman (FIA) worked together in a competition. They became the 2nd runner up in a prestigious event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. An exhibition of innovation entitled “World Young Inventor Exhibition” is a competition followed by 13 countries including Indonesia.

Being a first-year student did not make them give up trying to carve out the achievements. They are students of batch 2017, the youngest students in Universitas Brawijaya. “I learned a lot in this competition, it is to find ideas and how to develop ideas,” said Alfarizi, one of the team members. He hopes that FIB UB can continue to compete in the national and international arena.

The students of Universitas Brawijaya, especially FIB, are motivated to gain more achievement in regional, national and international spheres. Universitas Brawijaya will be very supportive for that matter. Hopefully in the future, FIB UB can re-carve achievements in all student competitions. (Vivi/DT/MSH/PSIK FIB)