This year, the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) at Universitas Brawijaya (UB) organized various competitions to channel students’ talents and interests in the Humanities Studies Competition (HSC) 2024.

There are ten competitions in this year’s HSC, including (1) ENCOMPASS by SPEL, (2) BADAI BUNGAKU TAIKAI by SPJL, (3) Le Championnat by SPFL, (4) ENCORE by SPCL, (5) EL PATRON by SPELE, (6) NIKO TAIKAI DAI NI by SPJLE, (7) GALAKSI by SPILL, (8) Mooi Indie by SPFA, (9) Anthropology Student Awards by SPA, and (10) CLIPSE for international level.

These competitions not only accommodate enthusiasts of each field but also appreciate and encourage the development of skills and deeper knowledge.

All participants gave their best. The time had come to award the best of the best. The awarding of HSC 2024 winners was held in the Hall of Building A, FCS UB, on Thursday, May 30, 2024. The event opened with a performance by Helena Music Entertainment, the home band, followed by the national anthem, Indonesia Raya, and a video profile of FCS UB.

After that, the chief executive of HSC 2024, Jamila Wijayanti, M.Pd., delivered her opening remarks.

“HSC is a national and international student competition held annually. Now, we have entered our second year. Alhamdulillah, this year’s HSC was attended by 1,480 participants from both national and international campuses,” Jamila explained.

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all HSC committees and judges who have made this event a success,” she added.

The Dean of FCS UB, Hamamah, Ph.D., also gave a speech. She said, “This competition is a place for knowledge lovers to dive into the depths of the ocean of knowledge and navigate the currents of history, culture, and language.”

“To the participants whom I’m very proud of, every effort and hard work you put in is not in vain. Your courage to step up and compete reflects a spirit that never dies. Today, we celebrate your achievements. However, remember that the true reward lies in your process and struggle,” Hamamah advised the participants.

She also thanked the partners who collaborated with FCS UB in organizing this competition.

Not long after, the list of winners of each competition was announced. An atmosphere of joy enveloped the entire room. One by one, the winners went up on stage to receive their awards, followed by thunderous applause from all present.

The event closed with an energetic mix of music and vocals from Helena Music Entertainment. [trans.acl/ FCS]