FIB UB Holds Double Degree Program with HASS UQ

Majella Ferguson, Senior Manager of International Services, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the University of Queensland (HASS UQ), Australia visited the Faculty of Cultural Studies Universitas Brawijaya (FCS UB) to disseminate the Double Degree Program which is the implementation of the cooperation between the University of Queensland Australia and FCS UB on Wednesday (8/20/2019).

Students who participate in this Double Degree program will hold lectures in two places at once, namely FCS UB and HASS UQ. The Double Degree program enables students to get two academic degrees at the same time, thereby it will increase the competitiveness of graduates in the world of work.

If a student follows this program, he will complete 2.5 years of education at FIB UB and 1.5 years at UQ.

UQ is the leading university in Australia ranked 50 in the world. The university has a vision that is in line with UB’s vision of becoming an excellent university in research and teaching.

Students of the Study Program of English, FCS UB welcomed this socialization, many of them were inspired to join the program. Success, FCS UB! (MSH/DT/PSIK FIB)