Honesty is Needed in the Community

Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held a Graduation Event Period 9 Academic Year 2018/2019 located in Auditorium Building A FCS UB on Friday (3/15/2019). The numbers of FCS UB graduates were 26 people from various study programs in FCS UB. They were 17 people from study program of English, 2 people from Japanese Literature study program, 2 people from France Language and Literature study program, 1 person from English Language Education program, 1 person from Japanese Language Education study program and 1 person from Anthropology study program with the average predicate were Very Satisfactory and Cumlaude.

The best graduate was Hamzah Dzikri Fadliansyah from English Literature Study Program with GPA 3,83. On this event, the best graduate got the opportunity to deliver his speech as a representative of the graduates. He said about the best impression while studying at FCS UB and also persuade to all graduates to keep remember their effort also sacrifice in achieving their dreams.

The event was continued with a speech by the Dean of FCS UB, Prof. Dr. Agus Suman, SE., DEA. He stated, “Honestly, our happiness is to see you succeed to finish your study. Contrarily, if you do not succeed to pass the study, it will be our sadness”.

Then, the Dean also gave advises for the graduates to be honest in living in the community despite their perfect GPA from University. Moreover, it is a must for the graduates to always maintain the good names of FCS UB to the community. He also gave the special offer to the graduates of FCS UB who wanted further studies in the Linguistics Program in FCS UB. So, it is expected that in the future, FCSUB will have new, more quality programs to support the world of education, especially in FCS UB.

The event was closed with prayer by the Head of Student Affair, Ahmad Ruslan Hariyono S.P. After that, it was ended by the briefing due to the university graduation techniques by the staff of student affair FCS UB. (YI/DT/AG/PSIK FIB)