Ika Nurhayani, Ph.D Invited Students to Preserve Their Local Language

“Osing Language Retention in Banyuwangi” became one of the topics at the Cultural Discussion, on Monday (10/28/2019). The subject was delivered by a Master of Linguistics Lecturer, Ika Nurhayani, Ph.D. The Cultural Discussion itself was a series of the 10th Anniversary of Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB). This event was held at the terrace of Building B FCS for four days, 28-31 October 2019. Attended by FCS UB’s students, this discussion lasted for one hour.

Ika Nurhayani explained how the Banyuwangi community maintained the Osing Language, so it would not be extinct. According to her, the people of Osing are very proud of the language. They make language their regional identity. Thus, the Osing language is used as a language trend by around 1,000 speakers.

Banyuwangi people’s pride on the Osing language is shown by the local content of the Osing language in the school curriculum. Besides, Osing people also create songs by using Osing language that are quite famous such as Kanggo Rika, Ngukir Sandiworo, Sing Biso and many others. In addition, there are also Osing films such as Amulet Roso Kangen made by local people. Even more amazing, there is an Osing language radio called Blambangan FM radio.

From the example of how to maintain Osing language, Ika Nurhayani invited the participants to take care of their respective regional languages, and to be proud of using them. First of all, she emphasized that we are not ashamed of our mother tongue. According to her, the main factor that makes local languages extinct, because speakers are embarrassed to use them.

“There is a research in Yogya, that young women are those who make the language extinct. Because almost all mothers are reluctant to use Javanese. They use Indonesian more,” she said. (DT/MSH/Humas UB)