Journalistic Photography Training for Sanan Village

Sanan Village is one of industrial centers of tempe chips in Malang City. Sanan Village is also one of the thematic villages and a typical culinary tourism destination in Malang. About 500 people stay in Sanan and it becomes a tradition to continue family business on producing and processing tempe chips, tempe steak, tempe burger, and so on.
To support the promotion and increase its existence as the center of the tempe industry to the wider community, Sanan Village created a web page and on the page, there were several articles and photographs of Sanan’s typical tempe processed products.
The Community Service Team of French Language and Literature Study Program came to Sanan Village to do a training of journalistic photography for the people of RW XV Kampung Sanan. Based on the observation of, it was found that the visual appearance in the form of photos that have been uploaded still require quality improvement. It was not because of the photography device but rather than the skill to take and create a picture to be more attractive.

This journalistic photography training entitled Journalistic Photography as an Optimization Effort of was attended by 20 people and was started at 7 p.m. The training was located at Koperasi Bangkit Usaha, Jl. Sanan No. 42 Malang. It was opened with speech by Madame Rosana Hariyanti, M.A as the ead of French Language and Literature Study Program FCS UB and Community Service Team. Then it was followed by the speech of the Head of RW XV continued by presentation of the subjects entitled Photography Tricks.
The team invited two professional speakers; they are Suharto from Radar Malang and Nedi Putra from The Jakarta Post. Both of them are the members of Pewarta Foto Indonesia (PFI) organization in Malang City. This activity can provide benefits for both sides. For FCS UB, it gives availability of opportunities to apply the knowledge in society. In addition, this activity will have a positive impact for the Sanan Village to optimize their website. (Binda/DT/MSH/PSIK FIB)