The Study Programme of Indonesian Language and Literature Education (SPILLE), Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya held the Sedaring Diksasindo 2 activity. the same as the Department of Sports and the Arts. This is an annual activity of the SPILLE Student Association under the auspices of the Department of Education and Languages in collaboration with the Department of Sports and Arts. The activity, which has the theme ‘Efforts to Preserve Indonesian Arts’, was chaired by Danda Wahyu Pratamadi (class of 2020).

Sedaring Diksasindo 2 was held virtually through a Zoom Meeting on Saturday (11/13/2021). This activity was attended by 137 participants consisting of invitees and students from various study programmes at FCS UB. This activity is in collaboration with UB Radio, Event detect, Info Mahasiswa Indonesia, Lomba Mahasiswa,, Event, and Sejuta cita.

Sukma Dewi Daryani, a student of SPILLE class of 2019 as the Deputy Chief Executive, said that this event was carried out to sow the quality of artists in the era of digital society. Sukma also mentioned that in this event presenting speakers who have an artistic background, namely a Performing Arts Activist and Member of the East Java Cultural Civil Service Forum, Irma Novarina, S.I. Kom.

“Based on the theme, this activity has a meaning as an effort to increase the spirit of creativity by creating works of art for the millennial generation to love, preserve, and be able to maintain the artistic value of the country amidst the onslaught of foreign cultures,” she explained.

Sukma also explained that the three main objectives of the activity were to create a generation that loves, preserves, and maintains the value of the country’s arts during a broad cultural onslaught, to inflame the artistic spirit of students as the next generation to be able to maintain local culture and arts and explore complete the role of students who can maintain local integrity and sustainability.

“Thank God, the event went smoothly, although there were a few technical problems due to the signal. The participants were very enthusiastic, and many invitees joined the event,” she added.

“Hopefully, this activity will be useful to add insight in the field of Indonesian arts, and for SPILLE Student Association, I hope the work program will be achieved well and as expected,” she concluded. [DTS/MSH/PR FCS]