INSTABLE (Integrated Stock Raising Double Solution): Integrated Agricultural System of Organic Waste Management through Biodegradable Maggot (Hermetia Illucens) as a Raising Stock Product for Generation of Excellence Farmers by Pondok Pesantren Raudhatul Madinah Batu

Pondok Raudhatul Madinah Batu is one of the foundations of pesantren whose vision is to empower orphans through the entrepreneurial spirit to be developed in the field of agro complex. Unfortunately, the Pondok (dorm) is still in the pioneering stage, so santri (students) who live in it can still be counted by fingers. Not only human resource problem, but the potential of large agricultural land (more than 1 hectare) was also not managed and utilized to the fullest. This is exacerbated by many dead plants. In addition, the cultivation of catfish is also difficult to grow, sheep feed (kosentrat) is always bought at an expensive price by bringing the feed from Pacet, Mojokerto. Sheep feces is also underutilized or processed into a more economical product, whereas the population of sheep is raised to 270. In addition to the limited labor, in maintaining the cycles of agricultural ecosystems, the santri also do not have a knowledge related to the cultivation of agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries, and how to process organic waste into more value products. Though, the founders of pondok also want to make self-reliant pondok and later will become environmentally friendly & zero pollution agro tourism.

Based on these problems, five students of Universitas Brawijaya consisting of Nurul Rodiyah from Anthropology, Edho Okta H from Animal Husbandry, M. Andhika Yudha H from Animal Husbandry, Ani Puspita Ratih from Animal Husbandry, and Entry Widyawati Kusuma from Animal Husbandry carry out a Student Creativity Program in Community Service (PKM-M) at Pondok Pesantren Raudhatul Madinah Batu in Mojorejo Village, Junrejo Sub-district, Kota Batu Timur, East Java, entitled: INSTABLE (Integrated Stock Raising Double Solution): Integrated Agricultural System of Organic Waste Management through Biodegradable Maggot (Hermetia illucens) as Raising Stock Product for Generation of Excellence Farmers. INSTABLE is expected to make the santri of Pondok Pesantren Raudhatul Madinah Batu become a superior, productive, and creative farmer in processing potential of existing land through integrated farming system. So it can be realized that there is an inter-linkage between agriculture sub-sector, animal husbandry, and fishery to realize sustainability of agriculture and Zero Waste. The output of the program is the establishment of a centralized sewage treatment unit in Pondok Raudhatul Madinah Batu which will also be able to involve the villagers around the cottage in order to improve the welfare of the community around the hut, as well as the internal cottage both qualitatively and quantitatively.

In order to implement the program, the team conducts the following activities: Maggot Cultivation Training from Organic Waste, Maggot Fish Pelleting Training, Organic Fertilizer Training with the use of sheep dung to be fermented using EM4, then Silage Making as sheep’s stock feed when dry season, Livestock Product Handling Training, and Entrepreneurship Training (marketing and business management), here the team will strive to monitor and accompany the santri to be able to promote their own creations. Finally, for the empowerment program, PKM TEAM will try to be there, following-up frequently, getting closer to the santri, and listening all of their problems. (PKM-M/DT/MSH/PSIK FIB)