Isshoni Tanoshimimashou 14

Isshoni Tanoshimimashou, the annual Japanese event from Japanese Literature students, will be held on next Saturday and Sunday (April 20th-21st, 2019) with ‘Sora no Bouken’ (空の冒険) or Sky Adventure as its theme this year. Starting from 09.00 am, anyone are free to join and enjoy this event.

The 1st day will be the competition day, where  various Japanese competitions for both High school students and public are held. Participants can compete in many kinds of competitions like manga (Japanese comic), cosplay (costume play), benron (Japanese speech), kikikakitori (Japanese listening), kanji, quiz, fanart, doujinshi, shodou (Japanese calligraphy), rodoku (Japanese story telling), karaoke, and dance cover.

On 2nd day, visitors will be able to enjoy a lot of performances and parade. It is also recommended to spare some time to enjoy maid café, yukata (Japanese traditional dress) photo booth, shodou gallery, and webcomic class.

So, ready to have fun? This event will be held at Faculty of Cultral Studies, Universitas Brawijaya. For more information, kindly check Isshoni Tanoshimimashou 14 on their social media: