Janti Art Festival: An Evidence that Malang Has Many Potential Great Young Artists

Janti Art Festival is an event that focuses on developing the artistic and cultural potential that exists in Malang City. Janti Art Festival was initiated by a collaboration between the Students of Fine Arts Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) together with Kampung Budaya Nusantara (Nusantara Culture Hutment).

Kampung Budaya Nusantara is a thematic name from a hutment in one corner of Malang City, precisely in Janti Utara RW IX Kelurahan Bandungrejosari, Sukun Subdistrict, Malang City which was recently inaugurated on January 31, 2019.

Janti Art Festival was present in Kampung Budaya Nusantara as a follow-up step of their vision and mission in terms of arts and cultural activities in the Janti Utara neighborhood of RW IX. Kampung Budaya Nusantara has held many arts such as wayang puppet shows, lumping horses, hutment murals, music shows, and so on. Janti Art Festival came with a different event format from what was usually done.

Janti Art Festival was planned for more than three months and held three main events simultaneously during a week. Those three events were Painting Workshop, Village Mural, and Art Exhibition. Indeed, these activities were one of the applications of the Art Management course taken by students of batch 2016.

Janti Art Festival was started with a Painting Workshop and Hutment Mural held on Sunday (4/28/2019). Painting workshops were attended by students and the general public in Janti Utara RW IX area by painting on canvas and paper using crayons, markers, and acrylic paint with the rules of free painting according to the workshop participants wants. Whereas Hutment Murals were carried out by communities and individual mural arts activists in Malang City, that reach approximately 30 participants. Furthermore, the Art Exhibition became the peak of Janti Art Festival event which was held on Thursday (5/2/2019).

The Art Exhibition was held at Balai RW IX Janti Utara. Balai RW usually used for meetings and so on. For this event, it was transformed into a showroom like an art gallery. The works exhibited here were the results of the Painting Workshop together with some visual works from young artists from Malang City.

The total works on display were 30 works, with a classification of 24 paintings from workshop participants and 6 paintings from young artists from Malang City. At this exhibition, Janti Art Festival wanted to present that there is a great potential that Malang City has in terms of arts, especially fine art.

Malang has many great senior artists, but fortunately, more young artists are also great. The meeting of the art work between the results of the young generation and the generation of hope seems to be a space for dialogue about how the potential of art possessed by the people of Malang City will be brought.

Bagas Artha, a student of Fine Arts Study Program FCS UB batch 2016 who was also an executive committee of Janti Art Festival said, “I hope that sooner or later, this brilliant art potential will get more attention, both by the Malang City Government and the general public. Through Janti Art Festival, I am very optimistic, in the future there will be more support for the potential of art from all the people of Malang City.” (PS. Seni/DT/MSH/PSIK FIB)

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