Japanese Consulate General Award for FCS UB’s Lecturer in IT 14

Isshoni Tanoshimimashou (IT) which means “Let’s have fun together” is the title of Japanese culture, both pop and traditional culture. This year is the 14th year IT event. IT 14 is organized by the Japanese Literature Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) for two days, Saturday (04/20/2019) and Sunday (04/21/2019).

On the first day, so many high school students could be found roaming around the area, since there were so many competitions for high school students in that day like Shodou, Kanji, Roudoku, and many others. Nevertheless, there were also competitions held for other visitors who wanted to participate. Aside from competitions, visitors could also join meet and greet with the guest stars. They could also enjoy various kinds of food, games, and merchandises that could be found at the stalls around.

In addition, right at the opening of IT 14 event, a special award from Japanese Consulate General was given to Tasuku Iizuka, a native speaker who has devoted himself to the Japanese Literature Study Program FCS UB for 14 years from 2005 up to the present. He also has contributed to spread and advance the Japanese language education in East Java, especially in UB Malang.

Quite different from the first day, the main attractions for the second day were performances and many other fun activities. Visitors could participate at webcomic class, enjoy haunted house and butler and maid cafe, or join another meet and greet with some guest stars such as Cindy Gulla –a member of JKT48– and Nekonoi Katsu. There were also some other stuff like cosplay, kendo (traditional Japanese martial art), yosakoi (traditional Japanese dance), and shodou (Japanese calligraphy).

Before it was ended by DJ Zennith’s performance, there was also a parade called Omikoshi. Started in the evening, shoudo performance was done in the beginning of the parade. The main event of the parade was started when a miniature of Japanese Shinto shrine was carried around, accompanied by some yosakoi dancers who did the performance before the event ended.

Ended by the awesome performance by DJ Zennith in the second day, IT 14 was once again counted as one of successful events held by Japanese Literature Study Program FCS UB. DJ Zennith was only one of many performances shown in IT 14. So that, during these two days, the event was still crowded with many visitors. (PS.SJep/NLN/DT/PSIK FIB)