The Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) has held the 1443 H Ramadan Recitation event on Wednesday (4/27/2022). This event was held at Hall of Building A FCS UB and through a Livestream on the humasfibub’s YouTube channel. The Ramadan recitation with the theme “Building Togetherness” was guided by Putri Kumala Dewi, M.Pd., as the host of the event, and attended by the civitas academica of FCS UB.

The event opened with the recitation of the holy verses of the Qur’an by Sony Syuro Nugroho, a student of the Study Programme of Anthropology class of 2020, and recitations by Diah Eko Wahyuni, S.Pd., Head of the General and State Property Subdivision. The event was followed by remarks by the Dean of FCS UB, Hamamah, Ph.D., and followed by giving a preach by Drs. H. Khusnul Fathoni Effendy, M.Ag. about the importance of building togetherness in life.

Drs. H. Khusnul Fathoni Effendy, M.Ag. explained about humans as social beings, the reality that humans have different characters, the human need for togetherness, and the demands of the times are the reasons behind ‘why it is important to build togetherness’.

He also mentioned that there are things that can destroy togetherness. Among them is the nature of envy, najas (looking for other people’s shortcomings), venting anger at each other, silencing each other, and laughing at the others’ suffering.

“To solve a problem, Allah SWT has given instructions through Prophet Musa AS, namely with grace. With grace, the heart becomes calm and we can think with a cool-headed, so that good communication can be created and problems will be resolved,” he explained. [dts/msh/PR FCS]