The Faculty of Cultural Studies

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of the Faculty of Cultural Studies Universitas Brawijaya is an organization formed to collect and channel the aspirations of alumni. The forum aims to bind communication both with institutions and with fellow alumni.

Faculty of Cultural Studies Alumni Association Managers

Advisor Hamamah, Ph.D.
Supervisor Dr. AJI SETYANTO, S.S., M.LITT.
Chair Dimas Iqbal Romadhan, M.A.
Secretary Scarletina Vidyayani Eka., M.Hum.
Treasurer Yusnia Sakti Nur Laili., S.S.
Division of Network and Communication Renung Aghasta W P., S.S.
Hanno Gheraffi., S.S.
Trias Desi Aristanti., S.S.
Division of Development Linda Astri Dwi Wulandari., S.S.
Ahmad Dwi Muntaha., S.S.
Muhammad Fajri., S.S.