Students of the Faculty of Cultural Studies have once again won a championship. This time, the achievement was won by French Language and Literature students at La Semaine Française 2019 held at the Indonesian Education University, Bandung. LSF is the annual program of the FPBS UPI French Language Education Department in the form of a national level French competition. Participants who took part in LSF competitions came from high school and equivalent levels as well as students from various universities throughout Indonesia. The competition categories at the student level are news reading competition, poetry, speeches, and vocal group.

The LSF program lasted for three days. On the first day, three kinds of competitions were held, which began with a news reading competition with Abby Prasetyo and Alvriza Eka Saputra as representatives of Universitas Brawijaya. Then, the poetry recitation contest was joined by Wulan Deria and Nadilla Ratunia Artyara. Finally, a vocal group competition was held which was attended by Amanda Ziana Nabila, R. Erlangga Ananda Diwa, Ibriza Fasti Ifhami, Emira Salsabila, and Adolf Angga Raditya Chrisnamurthi. The next day, Tuesday, April 23, 2019, Gazarasta Malibu and Aisa Jihan Fatiha participated in the speech competition.

The representatives from Universitas Brawijaya, Gazarasta Malibu (2017) won the 1st place in the speech competition. Followed by the second winner in the vocal group competition. The members of the vocal group are Adolf Angga Raditya (2017), Amanda Ziana Nabila (2017), Emira Salsabila (2018), Ibriza Fasti Ifhami (2017), R. Erlangga Ananda Diwa (2017).

Congratulations to the winners! Hopefully we can achieve more in the future.

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