Procedures for Faculty Auditorium and Rooms Booking

Faculty of Cultural Studies has two auditoriums that can be used for academic and non-academic activities by the academic staffs, lecturers, and students. Those two auditoriums are Auditorium A that is located on the 2nd floor of Building A and Auditorium B that is located in the 2nd floor of Building B FCS UB.

Many activities have been held in those two auditoriums such as meeting, seminar, trainings, faculty dies natalies, cultural arts show and exhibition and other activities.  

The auditoriums also offer good facilities  such as LCD Projectors, sound system, and air conditioners.    

Auditorium Booking Procedures: 

Here are the auditorium booking procedures:

  1. Submitting application letter addressed to Head of General Affair and Financial Division at minimum 7 days prior to event date.  The template for the application letter can be accessed here    
  2. When the application is approved, applicant is then required to fill in Statement of Responsibility Form. The template of the form can be accessed here.
  3. The schedule for auditorium use can further be acceesed in the following table.  
  4. After the event, the concerned authority will examine the auitorioum condition. In any damaged found from the event, the applicant must be held responsible as this has been stated in the Statement of responsibility.