Study Programme of English Language Education (SPELE), Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held an inaugural activity that pays attention to the role of language education in the 5.0 social era, namely Lingofest. Lingofest was born out of anxiety about various issues related to language education, one of which is the lack of public interest in language education which is also a factor inhibiting the lack of attention to the field of language education.

The activity, which runs under the coordination of the SPELE Students Association Division of Interest and Talent Development, was carried out online through Zoom Meetings on Saturday (11/20/2021) and Sunday (11/21/2021). Gabriella Nur Shafa, a student of SPELE batch 2020 as the Chief Executive of Lingofest explained that this activity was not only in the form of a webinar but a campaign as a pre-event and educational donations as a post-event.

“Lingofest has a clear goal, namely to increase public awareness about language education that can affect life in the 5.0 social era, raise current issues, and how to face challenges in learning various languages,” she added.

Gabriella also mentioned that 12 media partners supported the event. They were FPMA, Brawijaya Mahasiswa Jatim, Event Malang, Event Kampus, Jatim Media EM UB, Halo, Brawijaya Chinese Literature Association, All Events.ID Webinar Kuy, Info Event Jatim, Seminar Hunters, and Kimia Farma Tbk. as a sponsor.

“This activity carries the theme of Language Education in the 5.0 Social Era which is raised based on the surrounding circumstances regarding the role of language education which also adapts and develops in the 5.0 social era,” she added.

This activity was attended by Yoko Oktavian Wahyu Pratama, a Runner Up 1 Ambassador of FCS UB 2020; Cinta Imelda HF., an Ambassador of FCS UB 2021 as MC; Adara Nailarifqa, a Member Development Copy Guide for Beginner 2021 as Moderator; Florie Aurantia H., the 1st Place Ambassador of the National Language 2021 as a speaker on day 1; and Abdillah El Habib, the 2nd Place Ambassador of the National Language 2021 as a speaker on day 2.

“Thank God, the event went smoothly as planned and expected. With the implementation of this activity, we can find a solution to the phenomena that occur around us, especially language education. Moreover, we can also implement it directly in our daily life,” she concluded. [DTS/MSH/PR FCS]