Students of the Study Programme of Fine Arts, Faculty of Cultural Studies Universitas Brawijaya (FCS UB) managed to bring three awards in the National Art and Design Competition (SRD). SRD is a competition at the national level organized by the Student Association of the Department of Fine Arts and the Design Student Association, Universitas Negeri Surabaya (UNESA).

The theme of the competition is “Adaptation of Culture and Technology”, with nine categories of competition, including custom jackets, lettering, character design illustrations, comic strips, photography, painting, sketches, watercolor, and creative videos.

The competition was conducted online, by uploading the work via the Instagram platform. Registration and collection of works took place from October 25, 2021, to November 14, 2021, and the winners were announced on November 27, 2021.

In the Custom Jacket category, FCS UB has won two awards. Nurmansyah Candra S., class of 2018, as the winner, and Siska Kurniasih, class of 2018, as the second runner up.

Nurmansyah raised the title Nakaman Nusantara or Archipelago Food.

“This work depicts the appearance of the archipelago through the typical cuisine of the provinces in Indonesia with all the stories and meanings in all its flavors and forms,” explained Nurmansyah.

Siska Kurniasih, the second runner-up, raise the title Fashion and Tradition, about the diversity of Indonesian traditional clothes.

“The archipelago has a variety of traditional clothes; I took that theme. So, I can visualize a lot of Indonesian traditional clothes,” explained Siska.

Siska took five days in using the embroidery techniques in her work.

“I was happy when being announced as the champion and didn’t expect it. I was also insecure because the jacket looked empty, but I was the only one who used embroidery techniques,” she said.

In the Watercolor category, Tezzar Aris Sandy, a 2019 FCS UB student, also became the second runner-up. Tezzar chose the title Tingkeban with a sacred atmosphere appearing amidst the splashing water of flowers. [YAL/DTS/MSH/PR FCS]