The session with the sub-theme ‘Writing to Publish: What to do and what to avoid in getting research published‘ is the last session of the 3 in 1 Programme held by the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) on Friday (6/10/2022). FCS UB also invited several participants from Universitas Gadjah Mada to participate in this event. The speakers for this session were the same as the previous sessions, namely Dr. Gavin Brookes.

In this session, Dr. Brookes discussed research publications and how to produce high-impact publications. He mentioned three things that need to be done before publishing, namely (1) research, (2) writing, and (3) writing in a team. Dr. Brookes explained the types of publications, including Working Papers, Conference Proceedings, Journal Articles, Book Chapters, and Monographs.

Dr. Brookes provided some tips and tricks on how to be a good writer and publisher. This will be useful for FCS UB’s students and all participants who attended the zoom session which was around 27 people. He also showed an example of a snippet of the same journal article but with a different way of writing as shown above.

 “Get other people to read your proposal or manuscript before you submit them. Remember, you are writing for others, not yourself,” he said.

Dr. Brookes advised all participants to always be careful in writing and pay attention to every detail so that their works have a high positive impact on others.

After the presentation, Muhammad Rozin, M.A., and Anandya Asprillia, M.A., the lecturers of the Study Programme of English Literature FCS UB who were the moderators of the event invited the audience to ask questions. Dr. Brookes then addressed the audience’s questions straightforwardly and concisely. [saa/dts/msh/PR FCS]