The Study Programme of Japanese Language Education (SPJLE), Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) makes a real contribution in helping students to be able to study or get scholarships in Japan by organizing a Nikoga no Talk Show or Niko Talk Show. The event was held under the auspices of the SPJLE Student Association, Talent and Skills Division.

Avi Putri Mauludiah (class of 2019) as the Chief Executive explained that the event was an alternative to the internal competition committee for the SPJLE, which was hampered due to the pandemic.

“So that the committee can produce an activity or event that is beneficial for SPJLE and others, we decided to create a new event, namely a Talk Show which we named Nikoga no Talk Show,” she explained.

This event was attended by 189 participants, including from FCS UB, other universities, as well as junior to high school students. The event which was held online through Zoom Meeting and Live Stream YouTube on Sunday (10/24/2021) also received full support from FCS UB, 14 media partners, and 1 sponsor from Inez.

“This event was lively with enthusiastic participants asking questions. We appreciate it by giving a special gift,” she added.

The Niko Talk Show has the main objective of sharing knowledge about Japan while introducing SPJLE FCS UB, especially for junior and high school/vocational students.

“This Niko Talk Show carries the theme Moving Out to Japan, adapting while Studying, and Being Productive. We want to share knowledge about Japan such as how to get scholarships, how to adapt to the environment, as well as how to be productive, especially during a pandemic,” said Avi.

“Hopefully, what the speakers convey can increase knowledge, insight, relationships, and increase motivation to learn Japanese, pursue scholarships to Japan, become productive people, and others. In addition, I hope that all committee members will get new experiences, knowledge, new relationships, and insights after struggling hard to make this event happen,” she concluded. [DTS/MSH/PR FCS]