Study Programme of Fine Arts (SPFA), Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held an exhibition of Egaliter Virtual Art Exhibition. Nur Iksan, M.Sn., as a lecturer in the Graphic Design course at FCS UB, explained that the Egaliter Virtual Art Exhibition was carried out simply as an output for the Inner Print Graphic Art course and to establish a cooperative relationship in the arts between lecturers, students, and Indonesian Printmaking artists.

The activity was opened directly by the Dean of FCS UB, Prof. Dr. Agus Suman, S.E., DEA., virtually via Zoom Meeting on Wednesday (11/25/2021). This exhibition involves Ayu Nur Aisyah, A.Md. Keb., S.Sn. or also known as ANA, is the owner of the Tyga Art and Culture Institute Foundation as a Curator. ANA was chosen because she has a wide network and connections both nationally and internationally.

As the Curator, ANA expressed her gratitude to FCS UB for allowing her to be the curator in this extraordinary event. According to her, this graphic art exhibition is contextual in its concept and theme. In addition, it reflects the process of transfer of value from fine art, especially graphic arts, from lecturers to students.

“Ideally, fine arts lecturers do not only refer to theoretical but also need practical activities as direct examples for their students. The method used by Mr. Nur Iksan and the Egalitarian team is very effective rather than using cognitive methods or the so-called establishment of direct experience. This is more relevant to students than theory,” she explained

This exhibition was attended by 42 of the best artists consisting of students, lecturers, and Indonesian Printmaking artists from seven well-known universities in Indonesia, namely UB, Malang State University, Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta, Institut Seni Indonesia Surakarta, Universitas Sarjana Wiyata, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, and Institut Teknologi Bandung.

Agus Suman said that FCS UB supports this activity because it is very useful and answers the challenges of the Freedom to Learn-Independent Campus (MBKM) curriculum, which is starting from practical courses that give rise to an extraordinary multiplier effect.

“Starting from the practicum for the Inner Print Graphic Art course, it gave birth to interactions between our students and students and lecturers from various universities in Indonesia and artists too. This is certainly a very positive and important thing for the development of student creativity and our universities,” he added.

“Hopefully, through this interaction, students can build their abilities and at the same time become provisions when they enter the community. It is also hoped that this activity will serve as an artistic gathering place for both the participants and the general public, and can be a vehicle for mutual positive influence in creativity,” he hoped.

“Also, as a place to greet each other. It has been two years that we have been affected by COVID-19 which has caused our relationship to become distant and disconnected. Hopefully, this activity will be an opportunity to greet each other and interact with each other,” he concluded. [DTS/MSH/PR FCS]