“Performing Hajj is a human obligation to Allah, namely (for) those who can travel to the Baitullah.” This is what is stated in the QS. Al Imran verse 97.

Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held a walimatussafar event, the release of a prospective pilgrim, Diah Eko Wahyuni, S.Pd., Head of Subdivision of General Affairs and State Property, on Friday (6/10/2022). Located in Hall on the 2nd Floor of Building A FCS UB, this event was attended by the Vice Deans, Head of Administration, Head of Subdivisions, educational staff, and cleaning staff.

The event was opened with remarks by the Vice Dean for General Affairs, Finance, and Resources, Dr. Esti Junining, M.Pd.; remarks by the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Nanang Endrayanto, M.Sc.; Islamic Recitation, and ended with a prayer led by Very Erawanto, M.Pd.I.

In her speech, Dr. Esti Junining expressed her hopes and prayers for Diah Eko Wahyuni, S.Pd.

“We hope that Mrs. Diah’s presence will become a magnet for all of us so that we can follow in Mrs. Diah’s footsteps to visit the Baitullah. Hopefully, Mrs. Diah will carry out the pilgrimage well and become a mabrur hajj,” she said.

Nanang Endrayanto, M.Sc. added, “May you be given peace in worship, and be given ease.”

“May safety and health accompany Mrs. Diah’s journey to the holy land of Mecca. Hopefully, all the prayers that are said will be answered by Allah SWT,” he concluded. [dts/msh/PR FCS]