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Analysis of Service

The total number of Community Service for the last 3 years:

Expense of Community Service in the last 3 years (in million Rupiah):

As one of the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi, all lecturers at Faculty of Cultural Studies have also conducted community service activities regularly. The diversity of themes and forms of community service activities generated during the last three years (2014 – 2016), such as training/ mentoring, counseling, and action studies are the positive impact of the increasing number of Study Programs.

As well as research, the faculty also supports community service activities by facilitating these activities with a grant of DPP/ SPP. For example, in 2015, funds allocated by the faculty were Rp 100.000.000,00 for 20 activities. Thus, each activity got a fund of Rp 5.000.000,00. In the following year, the grant of DPP/ SPP provided was Rp 200.000.000,00 for 20 activities. Therefore, each team got a fund of Rp 10.000.000,00. In the last three years, the amount of funds for the implementation of community service activities continues to increase.

The DPP/ SPP grant funds distributed in each Study Program also allows each lecturer to independently determine the topics and forms of activities that are tailored to the scientific background and consider the needs of the target communities. Through this community service activity, Faculty of Cultural Studies also has the opportunity to explore cooperation with outsiders. Thus, Faculty of Cultural Studies is expected to have a partnership with other agencies, both government and private. In addition, Faculty of Cultural Studies in the future is also expected to have an area or assisted villages.

In 2015, Faculty of Cultural Studies has pioneered efforts to develop community service activities. This is manifested in the form of a meeting between the management of Faculty of Cultural Studies and the stakeholders in Batu and Malang regencies to map the villages’ needs. The agreement resulted from the talks was the initiation of cooperation between the Faculty of Cultural Studies, Batu Government and Malang Regency Government in the form of community service activities and Thematic Community Service (KKN).

The form of faculty support to continuously improve the quality of community service activities is by involving lecturers in training activities of writing a community service proposal with a national grant organized by Institute of Research and Community Service (LPPM) Universitas Brawijaya. It is also a form of the faculty’s effort to motivate lecturers to obtain grants for community service outside the internal grant, i.e. DPP/ SPP. The training activities of writing a community service proposal are also implemented at the faculty level through BPPM.

Community service activities in Faculty of Cultural Studies environments are conducted by involving students actively. This is based on the consideration that this activity can serve as a medium to train students’ social sensitivity by knowing real needs in the community directly.

To support efforts to improve the quality of community service and the role of students, the faculty implements a policy that the outcome of this activity is in the form of a final report on the implementation of activities and proposals of the Student Creativity Program for Community Service (PKMM)

The implementation of community service activities during this time has a major obstacle, such as the mismatch schedule of the implementation with the schedule of agencies or target communities.