Pisah Sambut KTU, Perpisahan dan Menyambut Keluarga Baru FIB UB


The Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held an event on Friday (2/16/2024) at the Lobby of FCS Building A to bid farewell and to congratulate new FCS family.

This farewell event was held to thank Dra. Mamik Eko Supatmi, S.IP., M.AB., for her dedication as the General Administration Coordinator (KTU) who has retired from FCS UB, and to thank Ibnu Raharjo, S.S., priorly the Head of the Finance and Personnel Subdivision of FCS who now has been appointed as the new General Administration Coordinator of Faculty of Veterinary UB.

The event began with the remarks from the Dean of FCS UB Hamamah, S.Pd., M.Pd., Ph.D., who expressed her gratitude to both of them.

“On behalf of FCS UB, I would like to thank Mrs. Mamik and Mr. Ibnu who have contributed and dedicated greatly to FCS UB to this point,” she said in his speech.

“Congratulations also to Mr. Ibnu who is now serving and has been inaugurated as the new Head of the Faculty of Veterinary UB”.Pisah Sambut KTU, Perpisahan dan Menyambut Keluarga Baru FIB UB

The position of General Administration Coordinator FCS UB was then handed over to FCS UB new family, Anik Afifah, S.Sos. who was previously the General Administration Coordinator of the Faculty of Fisheries UB. The Dean of FCS UB did not forget to congratulate and warmly welcome her.

“Representing FCS UB as well, I would like to welcome the new KTU, Mrs. Anik. Surely Ms. Anik with the wide range of experiences can help FCS UB to move forward,” she said.

After the speech of the Dean of FCS UB was the short remark delivered by Dra. Mamik Eko Supatmi, S.IP, M.AB saying goodbye to FCS UB.

“Thank you to my friends, always keep up the spirit, and give your best performance for FCS UB,” she said at the end of her sentence.

Continuing Mrs. Mamik, Mr. Ibnu Raharjo, S.S. delivered a short speech. He told the audience the journey of his career at FCS UB.

Closing the session, Anik Afifah, S.Sos., as the new KTU FCS UB, delivered her speech which was received very warmly by the big family of FCS UB.

“Hopefully we can all synergize and work together for the advancement of FCS UB,” she said. [trans.adhyaksa/ed.vidya/PR FCS)