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Human Resources Information

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Permanent Lecturer

In the BAN-PT accreditation document, a permanent lecturer means a lecturer who is appointed and placed as permanent resident of University involved; including lecturers of Kopertis, and lecturers of Private University in the relevant sector. A lecturer can only be permanent at one college, and has a minimum work assignment of 20 hours/week.

Lecturers are divided into two groups:

  1. A permanent lecturer who has an appropriate competence with the study program;
  2. A permanent lecturer who has an outboard competence with the study program.

Educational Staff

Educational staff (librarians, administration staffs, and the other support staffs) is an important element in education system conducted in Faculty of Cultural Studies. By watching the number of available human resources, the quantity and quality of available facilities, activities for supporting educational can be well conducted.

The main tasks and functions of each educational staff have been clearly stated at the document of Manual Mutu dan SOTK FIB. Based on the composition of available study background, it can be concluded that the educational staff qualification has been sufficient for academic activity needs and the current supervision management, which has been based on Information system: SIAKAD, SIMKEU, SIMPEG, SIADO, etc.

With emphasis on the service quality and the performance effectiveness of the educational staff, the development of qualifications and capacity building of the educational staff are also continuously done.

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Jumlah Guru Besar :1 Orang
Jumlah Dosen PNS :61 Orang
Jumlah Dosen Tetap NonPNS : 68 Orang
Jumlah Tenaga Kependidikan PNS :10 Orang
Jumlah Tenaga Kependidikan Tetap NonPNS :29 Orang
Jumlah Tenaga Kontrak Kependidikan :16 Orang