Study Programme of Fine Arts (SPFA), Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) has carried out the Tawangargo Vegetable Tourism Village idea. This activity is a form of Community Service which was initiated by the Chairperson of the SPFA, Femi Eka Rahmawati. S.Sn., M.Pd. The activities carried out in Tawangargo Village, Ngudi, Karangploso District, Malang Regency are in the form of a mural with the theme “Vegetables”. Abhimanyu, a 2019 SPFA student, as the chief executive, explained the meaning of the theme, namely murals as a branding effort for Tawangargo Village because it is one of the largest vegetable-producing villages in East Java.

The activity lasted for three days from Friday to Sunday (10/8-10/2021), carried out offline by implementing health protocols. Abhimanyu said that this activity had been prepared since June 2021. However, due to the pandemic, this activity could only be carried out in October 2021.

“The implementation starts from a meeting with the Head of Tawangargo Village, Ngudi Creative Team with the FCS UB Service Team represented by the Head of the SPFA and myself on Saturday (9/18/2021). Then it was agreed that the mural activity would start on Friday (10/8/2021),” he explained.

“The first day’s activities started with making sketches of existing designs to several available spots, then continued with mural activities for the next few days,” he added.


Abhimanyu also explained that this mural activity was motivated by a request from Tawangargo Village to SPFA FCS UB to help and support the achievement of the Tourism Village Concept in Tawangargo. So, this mural activity is fully supported by the Head of Tawangargo Village, H. Sukar, and the Ngundi Hamlet Creative Team who have the goal of realizing a tourism village with a vegetable concept.

The benefits of implementing the mural with the vegetable concept include (1) for SPFA Student Association to introduce the activities and existence of art students in creating fine arts, (2) for the SPFA and FCS UB, which are part of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education in the form of community service with fostered villages and partner villages, (3) for SPFA students of FCS UB, as an implementation of 2D art in the field of practice, namely wall painting, and (4) for the community, this vegetable-concept mural can be used as a selfie spot to support Tawangargo Village branding to be a tourist village.

“The results of this activity are expected to help introduce Tawangargo Village as one of the largest vegetable-producing villages in East Java, encourage the realization of vegetable-based tourism villages, and can strengthen the position of Tawangargo Village among other tourist villages in Malang Regency and City,” said Abhimanyu.

“In addition, we hope that this mural activity can be continued in the future by implementing the Tri Dharma of Higher Education in the form of community service of FCS UB based on community implementation in art science,” he concluded.

It can be understood that the Tawangargo Tourism Village idea is a forum for students of SPFA FCS UB to contribute directly to advancing villages that have tourism assets in East Java. [DTS/MSH/PR FCS]