[Registration for Proposal Seminar, Result Seminar, and Thesis Examination]

The followings are the steps for registering a proposal seminar, result seminar, and final thesis examination. FCS UB students who will conduct a proposal seminar, result seminar, or final thesis examination are requested to pay attention to these steps when registering. Register yourselves at the following links.


Study Program of Language Education:

Proposal Seminar Registration Form: http://bit.ly/sempropendbahasa

Result Seminar Registration Form: http://bit.ly/pendaftaransemhasJPB

Thesis Exam Registration Form: http://bit.ly/daftarujianJPB


Study Program of Language and Literature:

Proposal Seminar Registration Form: http://bit.ly/semprobastra

Results Seminar Registration Form: http://bit.ly/SemhasBastra

Thesis Exam Registration Form: bit.ly/UjianBastraPelaksanaan


Study Program of Arts and Anthropology:

Proposal Seminar Registration Form: http://bit.ly/semproseniantro

Result Seminar Registration Form: https://forms.gle/2EXKvTy8rs6TjpVZ9

Thesis Exam Registration Form: bit.ly/UjianSeniAntro