Saying Thank You is Expensive

Humanizing humans has become an inherent thing for Anthropologists. Anthropology is one of science which is capable of being a consideration of other sciences to contribute knowledge in the future that has high potential and quality of life as a background for humans who wants to interpret every symbol that surrounds their lives.

This statement has been reaffirmed by Webster (1981) through (Astuti, 2016) that in its survival, humans cannot be separated from interacting through symbols that aim at meaning. “Why is the continuation of the story”, why anthropology is said to be capable and deserve for consideration? This term can be explored through unlimited space in anthropology, where it is deliberately created as a supporter of other branches of sciences. Isn’t it more than enough if there is a piece of knowledge that is able to interpret a piece of science?

Something that was not expected started to occur when a new science created was not compared with the capability from the character who as the innovator, especially the role of students who less of showing up their charisma in front of this world. Some of them forget to position themselves as a part of human being who had special mission to persuade other people to understand human as a special symbol.

This phenomenon was increasingly emphasized by industrial era which has become a mediator in producing thousands of people without character. It means that some people which was existed in the present only ambitious on big things and begin to forget on small things. One of this case has been signed by the phenomenon of how expensive it is to say “thank you” which is able to be compared to the increasing value of dollar in Indonesia, Ironic.

In this case the word of “thank you” can be interpreted not only just for word but also something that deserve for take and give through affection. There is no explanation that can be deny about this. even though there is only an explanation that is based on the emptiness of meaning. Moreover, saying “thank you” is not just a word to remember but created to be felt and transmitted. Why is thank you supposed to be reminder if we can recognize its existence? Saying “thank you” is not a crime that must be hidden, but it is a friendliness culture that is supposed to be transmitted to other people. (PS Antro/YI/DT/AG/PSIK FIB)


Astuti, L (2016) Interpretation Message on Tabot Ritual Ceremony (Study on Tabot Cultural Symbol in Bengkulu Province). Professional Journal FIS UNIVED, 3(1).