Lecturers cannot avoid their obligations in carrying out researches. In addition to teaching, the other two tasks are the responsibilities of the lecturer in carrying out their functions, which is obedient to Three Basic Principles of Higher Education. However, it does not mean that lecturers are merely conducting researches and community services. Behind that, lecturers must produce the outputs of research and quality community services so that it has a benefit of both scientifically and in society.

The description above is a glimpse of the obligation of a lecturer in carrying out its functions and duties. Therefore, as an effort to improve the quality of research proposals and community services, BPPM Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB), in cooperation with LPPM UB, held a clinical activity proposal on Wednesday (1/29/20). Located in the Hall of Building A FCS UB, the event was attended by more than 60 lecturers. This event is one of the programs of BPPM FCS UB.


Dean of FCS UB in his speech said that such activities are worth appreciating. This is a very helpful activity for the lecturers to know the extent of the content and quality of the proposal to be proposed.

“This activity should be appreciated because this will encourage improving the content of the quality of proposals that will be proposed by the lecturers. This kind of activity should be continued,” he said.

Acted as a consultant in the clinical session, for the field of community service guided by Dr. Ir. Bambang Dwi Argo, DEA, a lecturer of UB Bioprocess Technology UB. The research field was guided by Dr. Sugiono, S.T., M.T., Ph.D., a lecturer from Industrial Technology UB. Both consultants have the background of the reviewer with a national reputation and also have been speakers in the activity of Reviewer Training for Doctoral Program that was held by BPPM FCS UB.

In his explanation, Dr. Sugiono, S.T., M.T., Ph.D., said that to have the proposal acceptable, the main thing to be aware of is the proposal must obey the rules. “The absolute requirement that must be fulfilled for the proposal to be accepted is to obey the rules or under the rules that have been submitted,” he said.

After the explanation, the participants were then directed to consult the proposal according to the field of work. All lecturers with their proposals were waiting to take turns consulting. (KHI BPPM/DT/MSH/PR FCS)

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