PS Sastra Jepang FIB UB Mengadakan Kegiatan Bakti Sosial

The Study Programme of Japanese Literature (SPJL), Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held a social service on Monday (7/5/2021) and Thursday (7/8/2021). This community service is held annually under the auspices of the SPJL Student Association. The donations were open from June 1 to 20, 2021.

Firda Nurul Auliya, the chairperson, said that the total donations collected were around Rp 3,800,000.00. The donation was divided into two: (1) stationery and money to the Children Cancer Community Malang, (2) food to the people who need it.

“Initially we wanted to hold an event with the Children Cancer Community Malang. However, because of the pandemic, we hand over the donations at the home of the founder of the Children Cancer Community Malang,” said Firda.

“I hope that next year, things will return to normal so that this event can be optimal,” she continued. [NSS/DTS/MSH/PR FCS]