SPCL FCS UB’s Dokar Team Visits the Chinese Heritage Museum NTU


Study Programme of Chinese Literature (SPCL), Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) carried out a meeting discussion regarding the curriculum of Chinese Studies at three QS 100 universities in Southeast Asia, Singapore and Malaysia. This activity runs through the 2022 UB Dosen Berkarya (Dokar) Programme.

The three QS 100 universities visited are Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (QS World Ranking: 19), National University Singapore (QS World Ranking: 11), and Universiti Malaya (QS World Ranking: 70). These three universities welcomed the SPCL’s Dokar Team FCS UB to continue the collaboration either Bottom to Top or Top to Bottom.

The SPCL FCS UB’s Dokar Team Delegation consists of Nanang Endrayanto, M.Sc. (Vice Dean of General Administration, Finance, and Resources), Yang Nadia Miranti, M.Pd. (PIC of SPCL International Cooperation Section), Galih Edy Nur Widyaningsih, MTCSOL. (The Head of SPCL FCS UB), as well as Lecturers of SPCL are Putrie Rahayuningtyas, MTCSOL., Nurilla Shanti, MTCSOL., Ressi Maulidina, M.A., and Lailal Muna Firdaus, MTCSOL.

Currently, the SPCL has ± 325 students, most of them are native Indonesians, while few people are of Chinese descent. Due to the rapid development of Mandarin in Indonesia, many local students are learning Mandarin.

Discussion Activities at Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

The first visit was carried out to Nanyang Technological University (NTU) on Monday (12/5/2022). The SPCL FCS UB’s Dokar Team was welcomed by Ass. Prof. Lim Ni Eng from the Study Programme of Chinese Studies, and Dr. He Xiaoling, the Coordinator of the Chinese Language Course. They are interested in conducting collaborative research on Indonesian Chinese, especially in Malang Raya.

Chinese Literature is one of the prime study programmes of the Faculty of Art and Humanity NTU, which annually accepts 80-100 new students for undergraduate programmes, and 300 people for student exchange programmes. After discussing and exchanging information about the curriculum of each study programme, FCS UB’s Dokar Team was invited to tour the Chinese Heritage Museum and Yunnan Park which are located in front of the Faculty of Art and Humanity at NTU building.

The Study Programme of Chinese Studies has been divided into 4 fields of study, namely (1) Chinese Literature and Culture, (2) Chinese History, Thought, and China Studies, (3) Linguistics and Chinese Linguistics, and (4) Studies of Ethnic-Chinese. The study period in the undergraduate programme at NTU is the same as in Indonesia, which is four years. Two flagship programmes in the Chinese Literature Department NTU are Chinese-English translation and Chinese creative writing.

Handover of Souvenir FCS UB at the Chinese Language Center, National University of Singapore (NUS)


On the second day (12/6/2022), the event was held at the Chinese Language Center, National University of Singapore (NUS). This visit discussed the Chinese language programme learning techniques at NUS with Prof. Zhang Liping. After that, it continued with a discussion of the curricula of the two study programmes and the possibility of further collaboration regarding the possibility of further study by lecturers or students at NUS with Prof. Wang Hao Shu, the Head of Chinese Study NUS.

One of the requirements for NUS to continue to the doctoral level is IELTS 6.5. For the Chinese language level, they do not set a score limit. The most important thing is that these students can read, speak, and write Mandarin well, and are eager to promote NUS programmes to FCS UB, and vice versa.

Discussion Activities at Universiti Malaya (UM)

The third visit was carried out at the Study Programme of Chinese Studies, Universiti Malaya (UM) on Wednesday (12/7/2022) which was welcomed by Ass. Prof. Fan Pik Wah, the Head of the Study Programme of Chinese Studies UM, as well as senior lecturers namely Dr. Ho Kee Chye, and Dr. Xie Yilun. During this visit, the two parties examined whether there was a possibility to carry out collaborations about research, guest lectures, or student and lecturer exchanges.

In the Faculty of Linguistics and Literature, Study Programme of Chinese Studies UM, there is a special room which is called the Dream of Red Chamber Study Center (Hong Lou Meng). This room is one of the leading research centers of the Study Programme of Chinese Studies UM.

“Good cooperation and a solid team make these visits to three universities obtain a lot of information, knowledge, and a lot of benefits for the SPCL FCS UB in the future,” said Yang Nadia. [ynm/dts/ne/PR FCS]