Spending Their Vacation Time, FCS UB’s Students Conduct an Internship Program at UB Press

One unit that provides academic services of Universitas Brawijaya (UB), UB Press becomes the spearhead for the availability and distribution of books published by lecturers in UB. UB Press is in the third floor of Inbis Building UB. Since August 2016, UB Press has been under the Academic Business Entity with the task as stated in the Rector’s Decree Number 40 of 2016.

One of the Internship Program groups from the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) UB carries out an Internship Program activity at UB Press. They are Salsabila Fawwas, Kiki Wulandari, and Devandra Abi Prasetyo from the Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program. “Here, we are tasked to edit the contents of the book. So, each person has to edit one book with one-week deadline,” said Fawwas.

“The reason we chose the internship service program here is because it is related to the course we have taken, namely the Indonesian Academic course. We learned how to use good and correct grammar, such as spelling, punctuation, writing errors, and so on,” she continued.

The Internship Program at UB Press was held from December 23, 2019 to January 29, 2020, at 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., under the guidance of Lusvita Anggraini, S.Kom, UB Press Publishing Manager. After the book is edited, it is then sent directly to the supervisor who will later be sent to the printing publisher.

“The obstacles we face are that there are still many writings that are not in accordance with Indonesian grammar, for example spelling, punctuation, and so on. It could also be due to differences in windows between one computer and another, resulting in a lot of spelling, space, and punctuation that change,” she continued.

“The difficulty is if there is a repeated error, for example the word “namun” [but] that should not be in the middle of a sentence, then that word must be corrected,” she concluded. (DT/MSH/PR FCS)