As part of the university’s annual programme, the Study Programme of English Language Education (SPELE), Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS), Universitas Brawijaya (UB) is again holding a 3 in 1 Programme. As it is known, the 3 in 1 Programme is a teaching and learning process carried out by three speakers, consisting of one speaker from UB’s internal lecturer, one speaker from practitioners according to the scientific field in each subject, and one speaker from a foreign lecturer (a visiting professor). The main activity of the lecturer team in the 3 in 1 Programme is to carry out the learning process in class and/or laboratory following the lecture syllabus for one subject.

The first session of the 3 in 1 Programme was held on Monday (5/22/2023) in the Hall of Building B FCS UB. This session invites one practitioner as the presenter. David Bradbury, a teacher trainer from IALF Bali.

“We invited David because this activity was linked to Educational Entrepreneurship and Leadership in Education courses. So I think it’s very appropriate to invite him because it fits the study program’s characteristics,” said Dr. Frida Unsiah, M.Pd, Chief Executive of this 3 in 1 Programme 2023.

The Dean of FIB, Hamamah, Ph.D., who opened this event, expressed her gratitude and hopes for this programme.

“I am very grateful that this event can be held again offline, where we can meet and discuss directly. I hope that students can gain a lot of knowledge, moreover, one of the characteristics of SPELE is being an entrepreneur,” she explained.

Following the set theme, David Bradbury presented about managing language classes, starting with curriculum formulation and classroom management. Everything can start with the first step, which is needs analysis.

“A needs analysis can be the basis for us to formulate a syllabus to lead to the preparation of materials. This can also be useful for designing teaching methodologies,” David explained.

Students looked very enthusiastic about this event, as can be seen from the many questions asked. [AG/dts/PR FCS]