To Gain Knowledge, SMAN 2 Sumenep Visited FCS UB

Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) received a visit from SMAN 2 Sumenep at 8 a.m. on Thursday (2/6/2020). The visit was attended by approximately 50 students majoring in language and was accompanied by five teachers. The visiting group was welcomed by the committee in the Hall of Building A FCS UB.

Before the event began, the students watched a video profile of FCS UB. Then the program began with remarks from the Head of SMAN 2 Sumenep, Hermono Prayudi Anggoro, S.Pd., M.M. “Our goal here is to gain knowledge for our students so that our students will be able to continue their language study at FCS UB. Hopefully, after this event, the students can learn useful knowledge and can later be understood and developed in the future,” he said.

Next was a speech by Eni Maharsi, M.A., Secretary of Language and Literature Department as a representative of FCS UB. “It is very nice to be able to accept your visit here. There will be some things that can be learned about FCS UB, and who knows later you will fall in love with the departments at FCS UB,” she said.

The event was continued with the handover of souvenirs. Melania Shinta Harendika, M.A., the Coordinator of PSIK FCS UB, as the host then explained briefly about the overview of FCS UB and continued with the explanation of the subjects about study programs by Eni Maharsi, M.A.

The next event was a question and answer session along with quizzes that had been awaited by the students of SMAN 2 Sumenep. It was greeted with enthusiasm with several questions about FCS UB. Students and teachers revealed that at the high school level, students majoring in language were often underestimated. Therefore, they raised the question about how to increase the confidence and enthusiasm that the language students could have a bright future.

Eni Maharsi, M.A. explained with a picture based on the alumni of FCS UB currently accepted in various companies both domestic and foreign countries because they really need employees who have foreign language skills. For this reason, students do not need to be discouraged because they have taken the Language Department and must be sure that they have never made the wrong choice.

The event was closed with a photo session of all students and teachers of SMAN 2 Sumenep. (DT/MSH/PR FCS)