The existence of the BIPA (Indonesian Language for Foreign Speakers) Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) is now increasingly recognized by the wider public. Other higher education institutions are now also looking at BIPA FCS UB. This is evidenced by the visit carried out by the Study Program of Indonesian Language and Literature (SPILL), FCS Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) on Friday (11/9/2021) to BIPA FCS UB.

This visit is part of the agenda of the SPILL FCS UNAIR to strengthen the BIPA teaching. On that occasion, the visit was attended by 80 students, 20 students participated offline at FCS UB while still adhering to strict health protocols, and 60 students joined online. The offline meeting was supervised by Mochammad Jalal, S.S., M.Hum.

The event started with remarks from the Chairman of Humanities Science Laboratory (LIH) FCS UB, Dr. Aji Setyanto, M. Litt. He expressed his deep pleasure because he could establish an inter-institutional friendship between FCS UB and UNAIR.

“We are happy to have the honor of being visited by students from SPILL UNAIR. To Mr. Jalal as a supervisor and at the same time a representative from UNAIR, we hope that this activity is not just a visit, but in the future, we can work together,” said Dr. Aji.

In addition, Dr. Aji also introduced an overview of the LIH FCS UB where BIPA is part of it. Furthermore, he also conveyed the innovations that will be carried out in the future, considering the increasing interest in LIH, especially services for foreign languages, and BIPA.

Jalal expressed his gratitude for such a warm and memorable welcome. He also said that he was ready to build mutual friendship and cooperation in the future. For this visit, he also hopes that his students who take BIPA courses can add knowledge and insight regarding how to implement BIPA teaching at FCS UB.

“We chose BIPA FCS UB because I see that the teaching of BIPA is worthy of consideration. Therefore, we from UNAIR, want to dig deeper into knowledge from BIPA FCS UB about how to implement BIPA teaching to foreign students. We hope that this activity can add insight and provision for our students who are interested in BIPA,” he said.

The activity which lasted for approximately two hours was located in the Auditorium of Building A FCS UB. The committees were the LIH FCS UB team, the Head of the Study Program of Indonesian Language and Literature Education, and the International Relation Officer (IRO) FCS UB.

The activity was divided into several segments including, remarks from the Chairperson of LIH FCS UB and UNAIR, then continued with presentations on IRO as the administrator of international student affairs, BIPA curriculum, implementation of BIPA teaching to foreign students at FCS UB, and a question-and-answer session.

During the activity, the event went smoothly and received enthusiasm from the participants. There were many questions and discussions from the two institutions. It made the visit interesting. One of them was a question from UNAIR students who asked about the challenges of teaching BIPA in the pandemic era.

The students were also invited to go on a tour around FCS UB by the committee team to find out the existing facilities or infrastructure. Moreover, UNAIR students also conveyed their gratitude to FCS UB for being very warm. [Khilmi/DTS/MSH/PR FCS]