The Study Programme of Indonesian Language and Literature Education (SPILLE) Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS), Universitas Brawijaya (UB) received a guest visit from Universitas Muria Kudus (UMK), Central Java on Friday (12/10/2021). The visit was carried out by the SPILLE Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) UMK, which in this case the UMK was represented by three delegates. Located in the SPILLE room, the guests were warmly welcomed by the Chairman of SPILLE, Maulfi Saiful Rizal, M.Pd., and Dr. Eti Setiawati, M.Pd.

At the meeting, apart from establishing friendships, it was also intended to build opportunities for inter-institutional cooperation. Bearing in mind, nowadays, higher education institutions are obliged to build cooperation and collaboration so that they can transfer to each other both in the field of science and in terms of research and service.

Quoting Dr. Eti, the meeting of these two institutions is very important because it will improve cooperative relations with other universities.

“This is the first step in the initiation of collaboration for the MBKM (Freedom to Learn – Independent Campus) Program collaboration between SPILLE FCS UB and SPILLE FKIP UMK. In the future, the discussions will include cooperation in the fields of education, research, publishing journals indexed by Scopus and Sinta, holding national and international conferences, as well as in the field of student affairs. SPILLE FCS UB is very supportive of the arrival of the big family of SPILLE FKIP UMK because they will learn from each other to translate the objectives of the MBKM Program,” she explained.

The meeting also discussed the publication of research results. Moreover, one of the representatives from UMK is a reviewer of the Scopus Q1 journal. It is an opportunity for SPILLE FCS UB, especially lecturers and students, to explore knowledge so that it is hoped that in the future it can produce quality scientific outputs.

“We must appreciate this visit. Because this is a form of implementing an independent campus where all opportunities for good cooperation must continue to be carried out, “said Maulfi.

“Essentially, we enthusiastically welcome the visit from SPILLE FKIP UMK because this moment is very important for MBKM collaboration activities in the future. In addition, this is also to establish cooperation with each other in various other activities that support quality improvement in each institution,” he added.

The meeting, which lasted for approximately two hours, ended with a tour of FCS UB to see the existing facilities and infrastructure as well as a group photo session. [Khilmi/DTS/MSH/PR FCS]