Wadahi Bakat Mahasiswa, BEM FIB UB Selenggarakan Aksara


Student Executive Board (SEB) of the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) organized Aksara, one of SEB’s annual programs, on Wednesday (24/04/2024).

Aksara, an acronym for ‘Apresiasi Karya Mahasiswa’, was the Ministry of Sports and Arts program with held from April 1st – 24th 2024. This event was an art exhibition that aimed to showcase FCS UB interests and talents in arts.

Last year, BEM FCS UB held a similar event, called Artpresiasi, in collaboration with the Fine Arts Student Association of FCS UB. This year, the event was renamed Aksara.

In this program, there were three agendas carried out. Firstly, the art work submission was opened online from April 1st – 19th 2024. Secondly, an art exhibition was held in the SAC Gallery, FCS A Building on April 22nd – 24th 2024. Lastly, the event closing took place at Teras Budaya on 24th April 2024.

Naiya Salsabilla Atifah, the Chief Executive said that during the open submission, the enthusiasm of FCS UB students were very high. There were 50 works collected in form of paintings, photography, and poetry to be exhibited.

Wadahi Bakat Mahasiswa, BEM FIB UB Selenggarakan Aksara

During the exhibition, the enthusiasm of all students were immense, quite a lot of students visited the art exhibition location. Not only FCS UB students, but students from various faculties at UB also enjoyed the work of FCS UB students.

The event’s closing was held on the last day with great excitement. The committees held a small stage in the Teras Budaya (Tebu) area and organized performances from FCS UB students, such as bands and dance. This closing was enjoyed by FCS UB students.

Naiya expressed her hope that Aksara can become a forum to accommodate and develop the talents of FCS UB students so that they can be better known by the public with their fantastic works.

‘We prepare Aksara as a forum to develop the interests and talents of students in the field of art and literature so that their work can be better known’, she said. [trans.adhyaksa/ed.vidya/PR FCS]