World Festival in the Colonial Period



Indonesia has many tribes, cultures, languages, religions, traditions and festivals. In a cultural discussion delivered by Franciscus Apriwan, M.A. who is familiarly called Iwan, a lecturer in the Anthropology Study Program in Cultural Discussion at the 10th Anniversary of the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) on Tuesday (10/29/19) in the terrace of Building B FCS.

In his discussion, Iwan said, “In the colonial period, people in the past liked to collect notes. The notes are about various ethnic groups”. Iwan also added, “An anthropologist used to work using a kind of ruler used to measure the forehead, face, to the height of the average person who was met because anthropology wants to give a description of a tribe in the world, including Indonesia.”

What’s interesting in this discussion is, Iwan said that Indonesians have been exhibited in the world for a long time, at the world fair festival held in Paris around 1931. The festival was held for about six or ten months followed by many countries that had colonies, including the Dutch East Indies or Indonesia which had previously been colonized by the Dutch.

Anthropology has a very broad scope, working by not only observing but also seeing the side of a tradition or festival. That is the anthropology in the past that works by collecting data on the tribes in the world and then exhibiting it to the public. “Hopefully the knowledge from the past can increase knowledge in the present,” he concluded. (DT/MSH/Humas FIB)