The Student Executive Board (BEM) of the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) has carried out FIB CUP 2021 activities. This activity is an annual work program from the Ministry of Sports and Arts. FIB CUP 2021 carried the theme ‘Eliminate Differences, React Creativity and Sportsmanship, Generate Brotherhood’. Hafizh Alghifari, a student of the 2019 Study Programme of English Language Education as Chief Executive, explained the meaning of the theme. It is hoped that the nine study programmes of FCS UB can compete with full creativity and sportsmanship so that these differences can turn into a brotherhood.

The activity, which started from September 1 to October 5, 2021, was held virtually. The activity presented nine competitions including Mobile Legend, PUBG Mobile, Essay, Painting, Videography, Poetry Writing, Stand Up Comedy, Poetry Reading, and Singing.

“FIB CUP 2021 was held online. We used various digital platforms such as Zoom, YouTube, Google Forms, and Google Drive,” he explained.

Alghifari also explained that FCS CUP 2021 was attended by FCS UB students from the 2018-2020 class.

“Thank God, everything went smoothly, as seen from the number of students who registered for the competition and the enthusiasm of the audience,” he said.

Alghifari said that there were several goals and benefits of holding FCS CUP 2021, namely as a means to channel the interests and talents of FCS UB students, foster friendship and brotherhood within FCS, and increase the achievements of FCS UB students in the arts and sports.

“I hope that the relationship between each study programme will continue to be maintained. I also hope that there will be more talented students at FCS. For friends who have talent but are shy or don’t have the confidence to channel it, hopefully on another occasion you can channel your talent with confidence,” said Alghifari.

The virtual FCS CUP 2021 activities with various competitions and the enthusiasm of FCS UB students indicate that the pandemic is not a reason to continue working. [DTS/MSH/PR FCS]