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The Title: Rumah Siput A film about the Deaf: Deaf culture to the rights of work access Synopsis: Putri (28 years old) is a graduate in visual communication design. Hundreds of job applications submitted to the company were rejected because she was deaf. Together with her two friends, Adhika and Erwin, she founded a coffee […]

The Ethnographic Dialogue 2019 was a program of the Human Resources Development Division, Student Association of Anthropology Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB). It raised the theme of how millennial generation as Indonesians interprets the role of the Republic of Indonesia as a multicultural country. Indonesia is a country which is […]

19 students from Hiroshima University (HU), Japan accompanied by Prof. Kawamoto Naoe and a staff member, Ms. Suenaga Maki, arrived in Malang on Sunday (8/9/2019) and stayed in Malang for two weeks. This visit was a part of the Summer Course Program entitled HU START (Study Tour Abroad for Realization and Transformation) Program which is […]

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