FIBMagz merupakan majalah yang berisi rangkuman informasi kegiatan, peristiwa, dan capaian Fakultas Ilmu Budaya Universitas Brawijaya yang diterbitkan setahun sekali.

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“Information regarding scholarships abroad is available at FCS UB. We were also provided with a lot of knowledge by FCS UB’s lecturers in the scholarship selection process. FCS UB also provided financial assistance so that we could take the scholarship exam.”

Widya Pusparatu and Candi Fakhri Faishol Junaria

Students of Study Programme of Japanese Literature, Awardees of Monbukagakusho Scholarship


“I made many friends and new knowledge about Indonesian culture while I was studying at FCS UB.”

Grady Mitchell

Student of Master’s Programme in Linguistics, Awardee of UB Scholarship



“During my study at college, FCS UB helped me a lot. Because I am a person with a disability, FCS UB provides many facilities for me, especially access to learning on campus.”

Reza Pahlavi

An Alumnus of FCS UB, from the Selection of Special Programs for Persons with Disabilities

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