Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) and Kochi University, Japan held a meeting to discuss academic partnership agreement. Prof. Imai Noriko and Prof. Hiromi Watanabe as representatives of Kochi University visited to discuss follow-up collaboration between the two institutions. Attended by the dean of FCS UB and lecturers of the Japanese Literature and Japanese Language Education Study Programs (SP), the meeting was held in the 6th Floor Meeting Room of FCS A Building on Tuesday (3/19/2024).

The event was opened with remarks from both parties. Hamamah, Ph.D., Dean of FIB UB, warmly welcomed the arrival of the two professors from Kochi University. She also expressed her gratitude for the agreement that has been established so far.

So did Prof. Noriko and Prof. Watanabe. They felt thankful for the cooperation between Kochi University and FCS UB and expressed hope that this cooperation would continue in the future.

Shortly after, Kochi University and FCS UB exchange souvenirs and commemorate their meeting with a group photo session.

The visit was followed by a discussion on the follow-up of the cooperative partnership. One of the points discussed was the renewal of the institutional agreement, especially for the Organization for International Student Academic Support activities and the Field Work Program scheduled for September 2024. Kochi University also expressed their interest in continuing the language acquisition program with FCS UB, which aims to improve language proficiency for the students.

In addition, the participants also discussed plans to organize a conversation session between FCS UB and Kochi University students, entitled “Let’s Talk in Japanese and English!” This program, which began in 2023 with two sessions, could potentially be continued in 2024.

Regarding the Field Work Program scheduled for September 2024, several important points were discussed, including extending the duration to five days, providing accommodation according to the budget of Kochi University students, and providing faculty assistants throughout the program. In addition, an online meeting would be held between the Kochi University representatives, the participants, and the coordinators of the Japanese Literature and Japanese Language Education Study Program at FCS UB to assuring preparations for the September activities.

This meeting strengthened the commitment of Kochi University and FCS UB to improve academic excellence, cross-cultural understanding, and try to deepen cooperation between the two. [acl/dts/Humas FIB]