Services Procedures

Academic Procedure Manual

  1. MP-FIB.05.Curriculum
  2. MP-FIB.06.Tracer study
  3. MP-FIB.07.Mid-Term Test and Final Test
  4. MP-FIB.08.Students Satisfaction
  5. MP-FIB.09.Setting Schedule for Lecture
  6. MP-FIB.10.Planning Students Study Planning Card
  7. MP-FIB.12.Her Registrasi
  8. MP-FIB.14.Score Processing for Students Study Result Card
  9. MP-FIB.15.Score Transcription
  10. MP-FIB.16.Letter Certifying that a student has completed all requirement
  11. MP-FIB.20.Registration for Proposal Seminar and Result Seminar
  12. MP-FIB.21.Registration for Graduation
  13. MP-FIB.22.Promotion System
  14. MP-FIB.23.Registration for Students Community Service
  15. MP-FIB.24.Registration for Undergraduate Thesis Examination
  16. MP-FIB.52.Short Semester
  17. MP-FIB.55.Correspondence
  18. MP-FIB.Learning

General Affairs Procedure Manual

  1. MP Public Infrastructure (nov-13)
  2. MP Maintenance of Public Facilities and Infrastructure (nov-13)
  3. MP Equipment Maintenance (nov-13)
  4. MP Equipment Inventory (nov-13)
  5. MP Incoming Mail
  6. MP Utilization of Operational Vehicle
  7. MP Request for Procurement

Students Affairs Procedure Manual

  1. MP_ Archives (nov-13)
  2. MP_ Scholarship (nov-13)
  3. MP_ Certificate Signing (nov-13)
  4. MP_ Work Program Arangement (nov-13)
  5. MP_ PKM Proposal Arrangement (nov-13)

Finance and Personnel Procedure Manual

  1. MP-BKD (nov-13)
  2. MP-BPPM- Process of Making On Duty Permit While Studying (nov-13)
  3. MP- Seminars Funding (nov-13)
  4. MP- Procurement of Goods and Services (nov-13)
  5. MP- Process of Administration Promotion (nov-13)
  6. MP- Process of Position Promotion for Lecturer (nov-13)
  7. MP- Reactivation Process (nov-13)
  8. MP-SERDOS (Lecturer Certification) (nov-13)
  9. MP-Recruitment of Non Civil Servant Lecturers and Educational Staff (nov-13)
  10. MP-SPPD_(nov-13)
  11. MP- Reimbursement (nov-13)

SAC (Self Access Center) Procedure Manual

  1. SAC Procedure Manual
  2. SAC Utilization Procedure Manual
  3. SAC Membership Procedure Manual
  4. SAC Reference Borrowing Procedure Manual
  5. SAC Procedure Manual for References Return and Extension
  6. SAC Procedure Manual for Copies and Other Utilizations

Procedure Manual UPT Lintas / Bahasa

  1. Courses Procedure Manual
  2. Equivalent TOEFL testProcedure Manual
  3. ITP TOEFL Test Procedure Manual
  4. Translation Procedure Manual
  5. BIPA Procedure Manual
  6. UPT Finance Procedure Manual
  7. IHT Procedure Manual