Internal Audit


To face the global competition, Faculty of Cultural Studies of UB should be able to maintain and even improve the competitiveness at national and international level. To that end, Faculty of Cultural Studies UB continually strives to improve the quality, relevance and efficiency of services by developing a quality assurance system. Quality assurance at the Faculty level is done by establishing Quality Assurance Cluster (GJM). The Quality Assurance Cluster has the primary duty to ensure the availability of quality documents of the Faculty.

The quality documents available at FCS include; Vision and Mission document, Renstra, Renop, Work Program, Educational Guidance, Quality Standards of Faculty, Quality Manual (MM), Procedure Manual (MP), Supporting Documents, Forms, Working Instruction (IK) in various field with specialty on the effort to support the BPM quality accomplishment as well as what has planned. Beside of maintaining the availability of document quality of faculty, GJM also coordinates with Quality Guarantee Unit (UJM) to do monitoring and evaluation.

Quality items are guaranteed through the FIB Quality Assurance System:

  • Curriculum
  • Human Resource
  • Students
  • Learning and Teaching Process
  • Infrastructure
  • Academic condition
  • Research and Publication
  • Community service
  • Academic Management
  • Academic Information System

In relation to the students, the quality assurance system that has been prepared has its benefits that are:

1)      guarantee to improve the quality of learning services,

2)      written guide on learning activities ,

3)      monitoring and evaluating to the performance of FIB regularly for performance improvement,

4)      the existence of standard, guidance, and monitoring and evaluation that are continuously done.

The audited fields are constantly changed in each cycle. The patterned mechanisms mentioned above are as follows

1.       PJM determines and prepares the audit field to be implemented in the current cycle,

2.       PJM complements audit instruments,

3.       PJM disseminates the internal audit plan to the units to be audited,

4.       PJM through its auditors perform an audit that essentially is to cross check what is filled in form with real condition owned by each unit,

5.       The auditor team of PJM creates an audit report that essentially is the record of findings to be considered by the audited work unit,

6.       Each unit will do clarification to the auditor’s findings with the steps; searching for the root of the findings, improvement plans, and documents as physical evidence of the completion or completion of the findings.

List of available Quality Assurance Documents

  1. Organizational Structure of FCS
  2. Vision, mission, and goals
  3. Quality manual of FCS
  4. The Strategic Plan of FCS
  5. Work Program of FCS
  6. Job Description of Faculty Quality Assurance Unit
  7. Work program of FCS GJM
  8. Job Description of Department Quality Assurance Unit
  9. Letter of Assignment of Faculty Quality Assurance Unit
  10. Letter of Assignment of UJM
  11. Quality standard of FCS