The Opening Ceremony of PKKMB FCS UB 2022


The Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) welcomed 929 freshmen to the PKKMB 2022 activity which was held in a hybrid for the first time. This campus life introduction activity was held in two series of events, namely Education Orientation (ORDIK) on Friday (8/19/2022) and Student Orientation (ORMAWA) on Saturday (8/20/2022) in Building B FCS UB.

The opening ceremony was also attended and inaugurated by the Dean, Vice Deans, and Leaders. The opening dance and choir were performed, accompanied by the FCS UB Ambassadors. The event also showed some performances by the Student Activity Unit, such as music, theater, and Yosakoi dance.

The theme carried is Cultural Habituation in the Transfiguration of the Social Environment, with the tagline Cultural Diversity, Unite Hope! This theme is based on changes in the social environment in lectures that are different from the previous situation (as effects of COVID-19).

“Through this slogan, it is hoped that the freshmen will be ready to become agents of socio-cultural change that always think critically, constructively, and humanly,” explained Nindyo Budi Kumoro, S.Ant., M.A., as the Chief Executive.

The Dean, Hamamah, Ph.D. and the Leaders of FCS UB


This activity aimed to provide assistance and direction for the freshmen. Materials needed in the future during lectures were delivered in this activity.

The committee supports the students to develop and excel in both academic and non-academic fields. In the academic field, the Student Creativity Program (PKM) is held. The freshmen are directed to write PKM. The purpose of PKM is to improve their creativity and writing skills. In the non-academic field, the formation of groups prepared for the Open House and Student Activity (KRIMA).

“PKKMB FCS has always been humanist. We prioritize culture and morals. As the committee and as a part of FCS, we prioritize moral values and courtesy. We position ourselves on how we want to be treated by others. So, the committee should not shout inappropriate words to freshmen. We always warn well. So, for example, you need a firm voice, just emphasize it, there is no need for additional unpleasant words,” said the Event Coordinator of 2022 PKKMB FCS UB. [dts/aaz/PR FCS]